Wednesday, 29 June 2011


The Australian team that is to play in the 2011 BMW International Polo Series has been named as below. If you'd like to read up a little more about them you can see a short bio on each player at the end.

1. Kelvin Johnson (5)
2. Andrew Williams (5)
3. Matt Grimes (5) Captain
4. Rob Ballard (5)
Reserve – Will Gilmore (4)
1. Kelvin Johnson (5 goal)
Kelvin, who is 37 years old, started playing polo in 1998 in Queensland. He has played in the UK, Argentina, Thailand, New Zealand and India as well as representing Australia on numerous occasions. He plays regularly in the UK and around Australia, and says of the game, he is “still enjoying it”. Kelvin is also a keen water skier.

2. Andrew Williams (5 goal)
Andrew, also 37 years old, is from Forbes, New South Wales and started playing polo at the Jemalong Club. He has represented Australia in the World Cup in which they were runners up and has been in teams that have won the Dudley Cup, Ellerston (18 goal), Australian Open, Hector King as well as runners-up in the Deauville Gold Cup (22 goal).

3. Matt Grimes (5 goal) Captain
33 year old Matt is originally from Queensland and is currently based at Ellerston. He has played in the USA, Zimbabwe, New Zealand and most recently represented Australia in Malaysia at the FIP IX Polo World Cup playoffs.

4. Robert Ballard (5 goal)
Rob is 33 years old and comes from Gunnedah, New South Wales. He has been playing for 15 years and started his polo career at the Windsor Polo Club turning professional in 1998. He has played high goal polo all around Australia as well as the United States and Canada. He has also represented Australia in World Cup Polo in Pakistan, France and New Zealand.

Reserve: Will Gilmore (4 goal)

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